Thursday, September 03, 2009

We all glory in the Truth That Is

We have a message of joy for everyone for you are entering the time where every good thing is given to you and to the earth. Look past appearances and see the abundance and life that flows freely and generously to the earth, to animals, to the stars, to each one of you. Lack is only shadows of past beliefs for you know in your hearts the truth that you are free beings of Light and Love and there can be no other result but good. Soon the appearance will match your heart's truth. It will come in a flash, the earth and all that are on it shimmering like a heat wave and then the manifestation of the new earth, the ascended earth, for she is transforming as well as you. Be ready by becoming comfortable with all of the good that you desire for that vibration is who you are.

Be of good cheer. Face forward to the light of truth that is like the sun. Yes, that is why the sun was worshiped in days of old. Because the light that you are and that you face is golden energy. Pure Love. Conscious. Magnificent. We all glory in the Presence of the Great Love that creates. That is All There Is.

We are The Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, your Friend in Spirit and in Truth.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Changing my focus from channeling in this blog


I'm going through a really nice transformation that involves going through things in my home and letting go of what no longer serves me, moving things around, and clarifying what I want now. New thinking and desires are flowing right in behind the letting go. It's an outer reflection of a change in my thinking and it feels great!

As part of it, the energy to channel has been refocusing for awhile and I haven't been as active with it. I've become aware of the desire to change my focus from this blog and not post channeling so I'm going to do it. It feels like a good thing to do and I know we will all be drawn to whatever we desire by a very loving Universe.

All There Is watches over thee and me with a tender and very personal love.

May you walk in beauty all of your days,


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Words for Lova

Hi Lova,

I just finished my comment to you saying that I would wait until I was rested to channel, but the words started almost immediately.

We want to encourage you to continue. You offer so much right now and have all of your life just by being the loving person that you are. You have made a difference in your family, your school mates, teachers, and all of those whose lives you touch. You are following your intuition right now and have been. Everything is in perfect timing. There is no need to rush or be concerned. When the time is right for changes it will be so easy for you!! Just keep walking the path of joy every day. There is no need for any concerns. There are many things coming into place in their perfect timing in a wide circle around you. As each part comes into place you will feel it and take action if it is needed. We encourage you to just enjoy this day, this moment in time, for that is all there is -- in an never-ending expression of love.

I can see an image of gold surrounded by fluffy white, and have the words that they see you as a golden flower, but it's time to get some sleep right now. The experience of channeling is so lovely and I thank you for this opportunity to express the loving words of our non-physical friends. ~ Suzanne

I'm coming back to this two days later and the energy seems to be complete on this message. Thank you again for this experience. Many blessings to you, Lova.

Monday, April 09, 2007

We speak through every heart in these days

We are speaking through every heart in these days so there is not the need as much for words spoken in this way. We are always glad to visit you, but know that the essence of who we all are -- the love that we all are -- is communing and communicating directly in so many ways that we could not even list them for you. You are getting messages and encouragement from every direction in most loving and lovely ways. Just know that we are with you and for you. Just know that you are watched over at all times and that all is well. We are your brothers in spirit and in truth. We are indeed the Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension and we are here for you.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Your thoughts have changed and now the world changes before your very eyes

Love flows through us to you and to the world. Love flows through you to us and to the Universe. There is a constant interaction and touching of energies in a never-ending stream of well-being.

The transformation that we have spoken about and that has been prophesied has, of course, already come. It is here. There is no doubt about it at all. There is so much change occurring so quickly because you have prepared the way and are ready for it. Your thoughts have changed and now the world changes before your very eyes! Be prepared for this. You have been practicing your thoughts and seeing the individual manifestations in your life, but now the world changes. The consciousness has achieved mass for the radiating change which flows and ripples through all of creation.

This is a joyous explosion of creativity for everyone. It is very freeing. Be prepared to let go of any ideas or people or things that no longer serve you. Your purpose is joy so choose it. Wisdom is not between playing the fool or playing the statesman or leader. Wisdom is in knowing yourself.

All is well. We are with you now and forever through all of time. There is no end. We are the Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, your friends in spirit and in truth.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Be renewed by the spirit of ancient places

Suzanne is viewing a virtual tour of Iona, a rugged island off of Scotland. The attraction of these ancient sites is the energy of the place. There is no space, there is no time, there is only Now. And yet, the image changes with the expectations of the residents of the land and this earth. Those wishing to see the timeless nature of a place will see it. Those that view the physical expression only will see rocks stacked into the walls of the cloisters and abbey.

It is however, the nature of the place that holds the energy. The earth has been undisturbed here and the spirit of the place, of the earth in these ancient places, is strong because of that. Because there are ruins or remote ancient sites, the earth spirits and energies are allowed to express as they will do naturally. There is a distraction with electromagnetic lines and wires in more "civilized" regions that interferes with the natural perception of earth energy you would otherwise sense in the earth.

The trees and earth -- the ancient places -- are rich resources for the your nourishment of your own spirit, for in this body you are one with all of life. The connection in the places can be astonishing with much renewal for you.

That is why we advocate taking a deep breath of fresh air and enjoying it. To touch a tree and feel the bark and the life force. To watch the sun as it is setting. It is not only the peacefulness of enjoying the moment that renews you, it is also a connection to the spirit of the place -- the spirit of this most loving Mother Earth and Father Sun that gives to you unceasingly and lovingly of all good things.

Be of good cheer for all is well. We are the Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension, your friends in spirit and in truth.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Become a naturalist in your own life

The word naturalist catches our attention for this will be the upcoming topic in one of Suzanne's other blogs. This word has been defined as someone who observes and is aware of nature, but we would point out another aspect of this concept. To be natural is to be who you truly are. A naturalist observes and reports the truth of behavior and experiences that he or she has with nature. There is great pleasure in this activity for the person who does this work experiences the Oneness of nature with All That Is.

We are suggesting that you become a naturalist in your own life. Suzanne just watched a movie about a young boy who was allowed to roam free in his youth to live his love of nature and follow his heart. We suggest that it would be of great benefit to you to roam free in the life that you want to lead. Make your choices based on what pleases you in this moment. It may be a habit to choose based on what others think or what is advertised or for sale. There is pleasure with that activity and we advocate enjoying life in every way possible.

But we also advocate running wild and following your impulses and desires. We advocate finding out who you really are by not thinking, but just doing what feels good to you. If there seem to be too many obligations, just begin where you can. Take a bath instead of a shower if that feels good. Prepare some delicious tea or cocoa and watch the sunset. Take a moment and smell the fresh air when you step out doors. Let yourself run wild with no purpose than the joy of the moment.

That is all for this time, but it is a message of much importance in your well-being. We love you with an everlasting love. We are your brothers in spirit and in truth. We are the Brotherhood of the Fifth Dimension.